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Labor Specialties Inc. (LSI) has assisted many organizations with their marketing, mailing and list needs. In fact, our mailing services has grown to over 2,000,000 mail pieces a month. We currently rent over 200,000 records a month.

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Direct Mail Marketing 101

There are plenty of services available when it comes to developing and implementing a direct-mail marketing campaign. If you’re new to direct mailing, you might be thinking that the various aspects of a successful campaign are overwhelming. True, there are a lot of considerations when planning a profitable promotion, but it’s also true that there’s plenty of help available when it comes to developing and implementing a direct mailer. – Read More

Direct-Mail Brochure Marketing Campaign Mistakes

Direct-mail brochures can sell for you. They can impact influence your audience and drive response. They can also flop. While brochure design is an important aspect of a brochure’s success, many other factors come into play that small businesses often overlook when pouring over design concepts. To get you on the right track, here are some mistakes to avoid for an important direct-mail brochure marketing campaign. – Read More

How to Market Your Business with Postcards

Postcard mailings are an inexpensive and effective way to reach your target audience. Marketing is a key factor to the success and continued growth of any business, and postcards are one of the most effective and least expensive ways to market your company’s products and services. Custom postcard mailings are a highly regarded tool in the business world because of their ability to quickly put a personalized message into the hands of a potentially unlimited customer base. – Read More

Tips for Increasing Your Profits with Postcards

In this high-tech business world, postcards may not be the first marketing vehicle that comes to mind when planning a lead generation campaign. That’s really too bad since with just five proven tips you can create powerful marketing postcards that are almost guaranteed to deliver a good response and at a fraction of the cost of high-tech marketing methods. – Read More

Bulk Mail Newsletters: Tips, Tricks and Traps

All businesses can put the power of bulk mail newsletters to good use. Bulk mail newsletters have many benefits, from helping you stay connected to your customers and branding your business for potential future customers to delivering direct-mail sales pitches and demonstrating your expertise and credibility. Nearly every business, large or small, can put the power of bulk mail newsletters to good use. – Read More