Variable Data

The hardest task for any marketing campaign is catching not only the eye, but the interest of your customers. Variable data printing allows you to make individual pieces designed and tailored for each recipient as easily as you could make a generic postcard. With variable data printing (VDP) LSI creates data-driven, highly personalized communications that really hit home. Our digital variable data printing technology is versatile enough to produce any kind of personalized marketing materials, from training manuals to direct mail.

Real Time Marketing

LSI offers “One-to-One, Real Time Target Marketing” and all of the data management tools and digital solutions to market your business to a targeted group of customers. Your marketing collateral can be customized for every customer on your list while retaining branding and design standards. Variations of your printed material can include any aspect of its design or function.

Acknowledge your customers as individuals with personalized greetings and offers. Variable data printing uses digital printing and special software, allowing you to personalize each piece of a project and maximize the return on your marketing investment. Response rates for marketing campaigns using variable data printing range from double to 15x the response rates of standard printing.

Harness Your Data Power!

Add impact, promote one-to-one relationships, improve your response rates with relevant messaging and images, or communicate confidential data transactions. With LSI’s variable data printing service we can convert complex data formats into dynamically printed documents.

Variable data printing changes information from piece to piece within the same print run to customize specific messages to each individual or client. LSI can help you with everything from simple mail merge documents to highly personalized variable messages and images as well as full-color direct mail campaigns.